Mobile Phone Offers with Contract for Students in Germany

In Germany, there are numerous mobile phone offers with contracts that are specifically tailored to the needs and budgets of students. In this article, we will examine the pros and cons of mobile phone contracts for students, what to consider when choosing a contract, and which mobile service providers offer special student tariffs.

Advantages of Mobile Phone Contracts for Students in Germany

  1. Affordable Plans: Student tariffs often offer discounted prices and additional benefits compared to regular tariffs, helping students reduce their monthly expenses.
  2. Additional Data Volume: Many mobile service providers offer higher data volumes in their student tariffs to meet the needs of students.
  3. Free Extras: Some student tariffs include additional offers such as free music or video streaming, discounts on additional services, or free calls and texts within the provider’s network.
  4. Flexibility: Student tariffs may offer more flexible contract terms and cancellation options, allowing students to easily change their plan or cancel their contract if necessary.

Disadvantages of Mobile Phone Contracts for Students in Germany

  1. Creditworthiness: Students, especially international students, may have difficulty obtaining a contract if they do not have a German credit history. In such cases, a prepaid card may be a good alternative.
  2. Contract Duration: Some mobile phone contracts have longer contract terms, which may not be ideal for students who are only staying in the country for a limited time.
  3. Additional Costs: Some student tariffs may contain hidden costs or fees. It is important to carefully review the contract terms.

What to Consider When Choosing a Mobile Phone Contract for Students in Germany

  1. Compare Offers: Examine the different plans and providers to find the best offer for your needs and budget.
  2. Student Proof: Make sure you have valid proof of your student status to take advantage of student tariffs.
  3. Contract Terms: Review the contract terms carefully to avoid potential additional costs or commitments.

Mobile Service Providers Offering Special Student Tariffs

ProviderTariff NamePriceData VolumeExtrasWebsite
TelekomMagentaMobil Youngfrom €19.956 GBMusic Streaming, StreamOn GamingTelekom
VodafoneVodafone Youngfrom €22.996 GBMusic Streaming, Social PassVodafone
O2O2 Free Youngfrom €14.994 GBEU Roaming, Unlimited MessagingO2
1&11&1 Youngfrom €14.993 GBEU Roaming, Music Streaming1&1

The prices and offers mentioned above are only examples and may change. Visit the respective provider’s website to obtain current information on the available student tariffs.

By carefully examining the various mobile phone offers with contracts for students in Germany, students can find a plan that meets their needs and budget. It is essential to weigh the pros and cons of the available tariffs and ensure that all required documents and information are provided before signing a contract.

Saving money and avoiding additional fees

Saving money and avoiding additional fees is important for international students in Germany. Here are some tips to save money and control the basic fees for mobile phones:

  1. Prepaid SIM cards: Instead of signing up for a mobile phone contract, students can opt for a local prepaid SIM card. This way, they can control their budget and avoid unexpected additional fees.
  2. Use free Wi-Fi: To save money on data, students can take advantage of free Wi-Fi services at universities, cafes, and libraries.
  3. Download the mobile provider app: Students can download their mobile provider’s app to monitor their data, text, and minute usage. They can also check the contract end date and cancel the contract if needed.
  4. Send a cancellation notice: After signing the contract, students can send a cancellation notice to avoid automatic renewal. An email notification is a good method for this, as the response can be stored as confirmation of the contract cancellation.
  5. Read the contract carefully: Students should read the contract carefully before signing and ensure they understand what happens when all available data is used up. Some companies may automatically renew the package or charge additional fees.
  6. Cancel unnecessary services: Students should cancel unnecessary additional services such as automatic package renewals or expensive services they do not need. This can be done through the app, the company website, or customer service. Cancel mobile payment: Students should also disable the “mobile payment” or “mobile payment” feature to avoid unwanted payments.

By following these tips, students can save money and control the basic fees of their mobile phones while avoiding additional fees.

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